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Fani-Kayode make Funny Attempt to Deny Responsibility for the Tragedy of Our Aviation

Fani-Kayode make Funny Attempt to Deny Responsibility for the Tragedy of Our Aviation Industry Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, former aviation minister under President Olusegun Obansanjo, is a truly funny man, as

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افتراضي Fani-Kayode make Funny Attempt to Deny Responsibility for the Tragedy of Our Aviation

Fani-Kayode make Funny Attempt to Deny Responsibility for the Tragedy of Our Aviation Industry

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation minister under President Olusegun Obansanjo, is a truly Funny man, as his name would suggest. Funny to the extent that he thinks himself a reformer, one who did all that was humanly possible to rehabilitate Nigeria’s Aviation industry as part of the great project of re-branding Nigeria. In a recent interview with, he was asked, among other questions, why air crash reports are never released in Nigeria.

In answer, Fani-Kayode claimed to have developed a blueprint for re-inventing the Aviation sector. Then he lamented that his successors failed to follow his blueprint which would have forestalled future air disasters. He expressed outrage that since the tragic Dana aircrash of June 3, nobody has resigned or been fired for dereliction of duty. Which is all good talk, only that Fani-Kayode was merely posturing, telling tall tales of his heroic achievements as Aviation minister all in a bid to deflect blame from himself as the Aviation ministry and regulatory agencies come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the latest air disaster.

But do you don’t have to take my word for it—hear the rest of his fabrications. On the question of the working relationship between the National Transportation and Safety Board of the United States and the Nigerian Aviation authorities, here is what Fani-Kayode had to say (it is worth quoting at length): “Its (the NTSB’s) reports are always factual and accurate and as Minister I relied far more on its reports about what happened in some of the crashes that took place the year before I got there than on the reports filed by my own Ministry.” As his interviewer rightly noted, that is a damning “indictment,” but given a chance to explain, Fani-Kayode began his self-exoneration: “The things that I discovered are best left unsaid for now but rest assured that I wrote to the President and told him the truth and asked him to do something about it at that time. for example the NTSB report on the Bellview crash said some very interesting and disturbing things about what actually brought that plane down. It had nothing to do with any failing on the part of Bellview airline but there was definitely another factor which I will not go into here. the American FBI also did a preliminary report in which they confirmed that finding and recommended a criminal investigation into the matter because it was clear that there was more to that crash than met the eye. By way of contrast the reports filed by Our own security agencies and the Ministry of Aviation under my predecessor in office omitted all this and contradicted it. There were also issues raised about the ADC and the Sosolisso crash that were kept from the public and I did everything in my power as Minister to have a public hearing on the matter and from there open a criminal investigation. You will recall that 60 children and many adults, including a dear friend and sister, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, lost their lives in that crash. I wrote to President Obasanjo expressing my deepest concerns about these matters, including the shabby conduct of the investigation of the Bellview crash and one or two others and in fairness to him he approved my recommendations on the one on Sossolisso. Sadly though a few unscrupulous civil servants, who had much to lose if that public hearing ever went ahead and who really hated my guts conspired against me and the President and frustrated it. Consequently we never had that public hearing and after we left power in 2007 the agitation and desire for it petered out.”

There we have it—a confessional statement of commission and concealment of crimes against humanity by a former minister who, by his own account, was given a presidential order to clear the rot—“evil,” he calls it, as he is given to evangelical language—in the Aviation sector that has turned Our skies to the most dangerous in the world for air travellers, causing planes to fall down like rotten oranges. Again, by his own account, he did actually discover evil in the Aviation industry, only that he could do nothing to eradicate it as a “few unscrupulous civil servants” benefited from it. What a buffoonish and moronic admission of guilt! Fani-Kayode is clearly hoping to be absolved of blame for the unmitigated Tragedy and grief that he and others who have run and continue to run the Aviation sector deserve, but he ought to be told to go and hide his head in shame.

Let us examine Fani-Kayode’s preposterous claims. the head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces charges orders him to track down the people whose evil machination plague Our Aviation industry. As Minister, Fani-Kayode was answerable only to the president. Yet, just when Fani-Kayode was on the brink of exposing the evil-doers, “a few unscrupulous civil servants” thwarted him and, by implication, the president as well. Mark his words: “a few unscrupoulous civil servants.” Who are these civil servants more powerful than a minister and the president? the answer is simple: none other the minister himself and the president

Fani-Kayode has thus confessed to a heinous crime. We may never know the true extent of the crimes in the Aviation sector that he and his predecessors as well successors are hiding from us; crimes that prompted America’s transport safety board to recommend criminal investigation. After all, a plot hatched in hell can’t have angels as witnesses. It may be that those few unscrupulous but all-powerful civil servants have a lot to gain by plucking planes from Our skies at will—perhaps so that they might enrich themselves through insurance pay-outs. But one thing is certain: the evil that Fani-Kayode saw when he was minister continues till today. Yet in choosing to conceal the criminal acts of a few unscrupulous civil servants, thereby leaving them to stalk Our skies and cause us immeasurable grief every so often, Fani-Kayode has the blood of the victims of all the air crashes since he was minister in his own hands. This is the true interpretation of the testimony of he has given with his own mouth. His so-called blueprint for re-inventing Our Aviation industry is nothing more than a sham and a recipe for disaster.

Fani-Kayode make Funny Attempt to Deny Responsibility for the Tragedy of Our Aviation Industry

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