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Ebube Nwagbo 2012 Interview - Some Men Have Complex

Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo, speaks with ’NONYE BEN-NWANKWO about her career Why I don’t appear in movies any more It is because I am involved in other things. Film acting

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قديم 04-05-2012, 07:21 PM
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افتراضي Ebube Nwagbo 2012 Interview - Some Men Have Complex

Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo, speaks with ’NONYE BEN-NWANKWO about her career

Why I don’t appear in movies any more

It is because I am involved in other things. Film acting is part of show business. And it is not easy to do business and still act in the movies. But I dedicate most of my time to acting because it is my first love. I Have been able to succeed in life only through this platform. Although most of the movies I Have appeared in are yet to be released, Some are currently making waves in the market. My recent movies currently in the market include Yellow Sisi, Shakara Babe and Shades of Shame. I may not be as active I used to be in the past, but I am still an actress. I wanted to grow bigger and Have something to fall back on in the future. You know, nobody will act in films forever. But I’m still very much in the game.

My stay in the USA

I didn’t stay in the USA for a long time. I was trying to start a business and so I had to be there to supervise even the tiniest detail. The kind of business I do demands a lot of travelling. As I speak to you, I’m out of Nigeria. I Have to source products and keep up with demands from my customers. That is how it is done. And we engage in large scale production. I had to devote time to the business in order to ensure it came out well. I am happy I did because starting a business is not a small thing. It requires a lot of capital and if not well managed, you will lose your hard earned investment.


Nollywood is a very big place. So there is plenty of space for everybody. Nobody can take anybody’s place. We are all different in what we do. Although there are many new entrants, everybody is comfortable because it is a large industry.

Why I want to produce films

I intend to produce my own movie soon. I am not going to do it because everybody else is doing it. I just want to do it and at the right time. To produce a movie is not a big deal, God has blessed me with the resources to do it. But for now, I am concentrating on my business.

My kind of business

I own a hairline brand called Posh Hair. It is for fashionistas who want to look good without having to spend a fortune. We Have different products for the upwardly mobile and average Nigerian. We Have the Posh Luxury, Posh Classic, Posh Panache, Posh Divo and the newly-added Posh Glam. It’s all 100 percent human hair. We Have the Indian hair, European hair, Brazillian hair, Spanish hair.

Why I’m involved in the hair business

It is all about good looks. Show business is about glamour and fashion. As a woman, you are not complete without good hair. Every lady wants good hair. It is the trend now. I love everything about fashion. So am doing what I love. Posh Hair is not competing with any product. I am overwhelmed by the response from fans, colleagues and customers. It’s doing very well commercially. What stands us out is that we Have something good for everybody at a very good rate.

Dress sense

I just love to look good. It makes me happy. I express myself with the way I look. I Have to represent the Ebube brand very well. So, I always Have to be on point. My dad brought out the fashionista in me. He always made sure I looked good even when I was much younger. As a little girl, many people admired the way my parents dressed me up. And I grew up with that.

How I became an actress

I attended an audition for a movie in Onitsha and got the lead role. I am grateful to the Amaco Company that gave me the opportunity to be what I am today and to my friend, Obi, who told me about the audition. A big thanks to all the cast and crew of that movie and the director, Ifeanyi Azodo. They believed in me and encouraged me. I never believed I could do it. God has blessed me through what I do, but everything has its limitation. My first movie, Arrested by Love with Jim Iyke and a host of others brought me into limelight.

Life as a celebrity

Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t a celebrity. Most of the times, you are monitored by members of the public. Many people are quick to judge you and they believe everything they hear or read about you. They believe actresses are not nice people. You live your life for the public. You Have no privacy and your life becomes public business. It is not fun all the time. I guess that is the price you pay for being in the limelight. There is always a price tag.

My dream car

I drive a Hummer 3 and I’m also a lover of Toyota cars.


Sometimes when I hear and read things about me, I feel like going crazy. But I Have learnt to always put on a smile and take them with a pinch of salt. It is not easy for people to appreciate you and admire what you do. Take for instance, the story of how I went to church to pray and fast because of a man. I was born into a very strict Christian home, those who know me can attest to this. So I was brought up to go to church and do the things of God. I went to church on a Sunday, like every other person, and offered to do something for God. But Some people blew it up into a silly story. It is a thing of the past now and it has not stopped me from helping or giving to the church or to the needy. That is the way I was brought up. I enjoy doing it and I will never stop. I thank God for all the people who Have stood by me and believed in me, despite all the bad press I Have endured.

My relationship with Kingsley of KC Presh

I Have no regrets for not marrying Kingsley. We are both happy people living our lives separately and we are still very good friends. Even relationships that are not in the public eye break up, let alone what we both had. It is the nature of our jobs.


I won’t tell you who I am dating at present. As a young lady, marriage should be on my agenda. But it is not top priority right now. I shall get married when I am ready for it.

Celebrity marriages

Nollywood is not synonymous with failed marriages. It happens everywhere and nobody goes into marriage hoping to break out of it. It’s not a good thing for a marriage to break up. But we cannot dictate what happens in our lives. We do the best we can and leave the rest to God. Marriage is a union of two different people with different backgrounds. It is not easy at all. We just Have to look up to God for his guidance. I am not single because I am an actress. That is not true. The fact that you an actress is no reason why a man should not marry you. Acting is your job, just as other people Have their own jobs. Maybe the Men who feel actresses don’t make good wives Have a complex, after all. Many colleagues of mine are married. It is all about getting someone who will trust and believe in you, as well as appreciate what you do.


I want to make my Posh Hair a household name like Michael Jackson’s music or Coca-Cola.

My embarrassing moments

I Have been embarrassed by fans. The latest one occurred when Some hoodlums impersonating me on social media collected money from innocent people and promised to deliver hair products to them after asking them to pay money into a bank account that is not mine. A lady walked up to me once and insulted me for receiving money without delivering the goods to her. It took the intervention of people around to calm her down. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t me but Some impostors out there trying to spoil my name. I looked into the matter and acted swiftly. I reported the case to the police and gave out the phone number and BlackBerry PIN for further investigation. It has been taken care of and I Have taken steps to put an end to it.

Friends in Nollywood

I do Have friends in Nollywood, but I would rather not mention their names. My friends know themselves.

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